Npower Nigeria: 2017 Npower Applicants Backlogs To Be Paid From Nov. 2017 To May 2018

Over time, the Npower Nigeria 2017 applicants have been in a state of uncertainty as per what will be the outcome of their stipends.

Some individuals have come to say that the Npower oga at the top purported said that before stipends will be paid, applicants will have to be enaged first. Other sources have it that the stipends will be paid this may 2018 ending. 

Npower Nigeria: 2017 Npower Applicants Backlogs To Be Paid From Nov. 2017 To May 2018
These and much other news floating about the internet has indeed thrown applicants into a state of confusion as concerned individuals are no longer sure of whom or which of the news is reliable and which is false.
Npower Nigeria Applicants stipends
The Npower Nigeria is an empowerment programme established by the presidency in 2016 in a bid to keep the youth busy and empowered. Before applicants are selected into the programme, they have to undergo some sets of scrutinous activities which ranges from computer-based test examination normally conduct online as well as physical verification exercises at the various local government of the federation.

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The essence of the physical verification exercise is to ascertain the real individuals are about to absorb into the programme. At the end of every month, individuals on the programme are paid a stipend of the sum of thirty thousand naira only. With this, the youth are easily empowered since the programme span the 36 states of the federation.

2017 Npower Applicants Stipends
Since November 2017, new sets of applicants were actually absorbed into the programme but are yet to be engaged. The Npower team recently released the final list of 2017 applicants which enable them to have created and have a dashboard on the programme official recruitment portal. With this, the hope of successful applicants was heightened.

Some are eager to receive the stipends which are yet to be paid. Last month, there were rumours that applicants will be paid their stipends for the month of April 2018 but it was not so in the long run. The npower officials, on the other hand, has not really come up to say anything about the 2017 applicant stipends.

But over time, rumours upon rumours have kept flying the social media channels on this very issue. Some youth even express disapproval as since applicants were verified physically in their various LGAs they were yet to be engaged and get paid. Well, no matter what, what is going to be must be was what some applicants were saying concerning the programme.

What is a backlog? 
According to Cambridge Dictionary, a backlog is a large number of things that you should have done before and must do now. In other words, a backlog is a large sum of money you have to pay to your workers which has increased over a period of time. The last paragraph so stated was to suit the 2017 Npower applicants scenario. The reason is that since the applicants were actually absorbed last year, November 2017 to be precise, applicants are to be paid backlogs from that period till date. Doing that will aid some of the individuals in this programme do things that will actually benefit the nation as a whole.

We’re saying this because when we contacted some of the successful Npower applicants, we discovered a large number of them are born entrepreneurs. They took their to surveyed their immediate environment and discovered the people are in dire need. Some of these entrepreneurs have taken the time to put into writing their business plans but to a very large extent capital has been their major challenges.

Since the Npower Nigeria programme core value is to empower the teaming youths so as to reduce to the barest minimum their over-dependence on the government of the federation for jobs paying that backlog from that period till date will help in seeing that dream come to pass.

Doing that will be in concordance with the saying ”when you teach someone how to fish you’ve empowered the person for life” but when you give someone to fish you’re invariably telling him to always come back to you whenever he or she is in need of fish. In view of this, the presidency is teaching our dear youth how to fish so that they will become better people in their society.

In summary, the latest news reaching our news desk has it that 2017 Npower applicants backlog shall be paid starting from November 2017 to May 2018. In views of this, all the concerned persons are hereby employed to keep calm and maintain their usual state of maturity as the Npower team is working tirelessly toward proffering solution to this issue.

Mind you this post is someone’s opinion. The idea of 2017 Npower applicants backlogs to be paid from November 2017 to May 2018 is yet to be verified. If you’ve anything to contribute, you can do that by using the comment section of this blog post. 

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