See Hidden Friend List on Facebook

See Hidden Friend List on Facebook: Do you want to see how to view hidden friends list on facebook? If your answer is yes, here is a post that teaches the steps you need to follow to easily access facebook friends list hidden.
Facebook has now been modified that friend lists can be hidden from some certain people or the public as a whole.
See Hidden Friend List on Facebook

See Hidden Friend List on Facebook
Facebook friend lists are not easy to access nowadays as some people are no longer naïve. Hiding your friends on Facebook is one of the best ways to stay secure nowadays. This is because all most people do on Facebook is to clone your account and make your friends think they are chatting with you meanwhile they are chatting with someone else.

How to See Hidden Friend on Facebook
Well, the only friends you can see on someone’s profile where friends are hidden, are mutual friends. Friends that have also be friends with you, those are the only hidden friends you will find. But now there is a way you can easily see hidden friends including mutual friends, and that is what I will be sharing with you.

Creating Facebook Account
Now, a friend list cannot be hidden on Facebook if you do not know how to access Facebook. Before you can access the Facebook platform, you need to make sure that have an account. To create an account, all you need is a mobile number or an email address. To open a facebook account;

  • Open the Facebook website located at or open any of the Facebook apps you have on your device. It could be the Facebook messenger lite of the normal Facebook app.
  • If you use a PC, on the Facebook website, scroll down to find the signup form and hit it. For mobile devices scroll down and click “Create new account”.
  • Fill the form that is visible to you with the correct details as you would be asked to confirm it if anything goes wrong with your account.
  • Check to make sure your email address or mobile number is correct as you would be asked to verify it.
  • Hit “sign up” at the bottom of the page to continue your sign up.
  • Verify your mobile number by following the on-screen instructions.

Add some friends and follow the rest of the Facebook steps to complete your Facebook account set up.

How to see someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook with Social Revealer
To be able to see someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook, you need a PC with Google Chrome installed on it. To begin;

  • Go to the Google Chrome web store and install “Social revealer”.
  • After installation, open Facebook at
  • Log in if you haven’t done so.
  • Go to the profile of the person’s friend you want to see.
  • Open the “Social revealer” extension and find “See Friends”. Click on it.
  • A new tab would be opened with a list of all the Facebook user’s Facebook friends.

That’s how to see someone hidden friends on Facebook with social revealer.

View Someone’s Hidden Friends On Facebook without Social Revealer
To view someone hidden friends on Facebook without social revealer,

Log in to Facebook and open the profile page of the person’s friend you want to see.
Open any image or post made by the person. After opening the post or image, find “fbid=” copy the number after it but stop before the “&” character.
Open a new tab and paste “” edit the number between “Search/……/friends” to the one you copied earlier.
Hit “enter” to search and a list of the entire person’s friend would be displayed.
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