Share Videos on Instagram

Share Videos on Instagram: With the introduction of Instagram videos in 2013, broadcasting videos wasn’t that easy. Users were limited to a couple of seconds of video clips from their mobile device but over time, things have changed, users can now upload videos with many more options. 
Share Videos on Instagram
They can record video directly into the application or upload a pre-recorded videos from your camera roll. And also, Instagram additionally added the capability to cut video clips, edit videos, combine two or more videos right into one, add filters, and many more.
So how just can I share videos on Instagram? Below are the basic method that can be used;
1. How you can Record a Video through Instagram
Taking a video capture as well as posting a Video to Instagram is simple to achieve. Instagram videos could range from three to sixty seconds long. Now follow the instructions below to record and post a video on Instagram;
  • Tap the plus symbol at the bottom of your Instagram app display
  • Record the video by holding down the red circle and remove your hand whenever you are done recording. 
Note that it automatically stops when it reaches the sixty seconds limit
  • Tap the blue “Next” button at the upper right corner. 
  • Apply any of Instagram’s filters and also add a caption and your location, then you may tag various other users before you finally upload.
2. The best ways to Record a Video on your Mobile Phone and also Post to Instagram
To do so comply with these steps: 
  • Touch the plus sign symbol just like you did earlier
  • Select “Library” at the left-hand side.
  • Select the video from your camera roll.
  • Tap “Next”.
  • Tap trim below the video to make it comply with the one minute standard.
  • Tap Next to include filters, captions, and locations before you then upload
I believed you have to be able to share your favorite videos with your friend on Instagram, you should also share this article with them also so you can also get to view some of their videos.
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