Top 8 businesses to start with 5k in Nigeria (student, housewife)

Due to the drastic devaluation of the Naira, which is no longer one of Africa’s most valuable currencies, Nigerians are more eager than ever to hear about the least expensive enterprises to launch. But is 5,000 NGN insufficient? This article lists eight (8) enterprises that Nigerian students can launch with $5,000.

1. Make money online

Internet, social media, and social networking sites are the finest businesses for a Nigerian student with $5,000 to invest in. Due to its ease of use, the Internet is an open marketing environment, which facilitates the propagation of numerous products and novel ideas among young people.

Facebook is the most important of these sites because it contains a large number of users from all over the world, making it simple to promote products and initiate marketing campaigns through it.

Choose one of these 16 proven methods for making money online in Nigeria, and get started today.

2. Maintaining and repairing mobile devices

As a student in Nigeria, learning how to repair mobile phones is one of the best businesses you can start with $5,000 if you are motivated and patient.

You may purchase used hardware or components and stock up, but as a company with a total starting capital of less than 5,000 Nigerian naira, you must purchase hardware components based on consumer demand.

As a pupil, you can view instructional videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to perform various types of repairs.

Naturally, you can begin by specialising in the application of the cover and glass decal to other students’ mobile phones.

The smartphone industry is one of the largest in terms of size and scope, and its problems, as well as the support, maintenance, and accessory services that can be offered, are virtually limitless.

Therefore, this enterprise is regarded as a successful and promising business to start with $5,000 as a student in Nigeria, as it generates substantial profits but requires patience.

3. Home-based children’s nursery

In Nigeria, a home children’s nursery is a common enterprise to launch with $5,000. This initiative for women is a resounding success because any mother can naturally care for her children, but a working-class mother must locate child care.

This is where you come in, as you care for nurseries, preferably at home, for security reasons.

In this endeavour, you may use an interior room as a nursery for children, determining the required number and age before transforming it into a complete nursery for multiple ages and employing multiple teachers and nannies.

4. Mushroom cultivation at home

Some individuals substitute mushrooms for flesh as a source of protein due to their high protein content. Therefore, mushroom cultivation is one of the finest businesses to begin in Nigeria with $5,000.

Mushrooms can be grown indoors if specific climatic conditions are fulfilled. The mushrooms are then packaged in containers and sold for a substantial profit in markets and supermarkets.

5. Translation services

Documents, videos, texts, and website content must be translated because their significance in Internet initiatives has grown to the point where there is no alternative.

Nigeria’s linguistic diversity makes translation one of the finest businesses to launch with $5,000. Numerous individuals and businesses desire this service, but translation websites have discovered it challenging to provide a literal translation for obscure languages.

If you are fluent in English as well as a Nigerian indigenous language, you are fortunate, as this region offers numerous opportunities to initiate a profitable business and generate a high income for less than 5,000 NGN.

6. Home maintenance

Every home requires maintenance services, whether in the kitchen or lavatory, or for air conditioning, electrical wiring, or even painting. In Nigeria, the house maintenance endeavour is an easy business to launch with $5,000. To repair all home equipment, including windows, restrooms, wooden kitchens, and broken furniture, requires knowledge.

7. Ebook

Every day, a large number of new ebooks are released, some of which are extremely popular and earn their authors enormous profits. If you have a knack for writing or prior experience, this is an excellent business for a Nigerian student to start with $5,000.

You may start each day by working on an ebook that you sell as a service, that benefits others, and that allows you to share your experiences and insights.

This small-scale 5k NGN business may generate income that exceeds your expectations, especially if it is effectively promoted.

8. Planning events and gatherings

The name of this concept may suggest event planning services or wedding celebrations, but it encompasses much more. In reality, the success of this endeavour is contingent upon the planning and implementation of multiple activities.

For example, you may specialise in the planning of conferences, meetings, birthday celebrations, weddings, and large business events. This is one of the small, profitable enterprises that can be started with $5,000 in Nigeria.

As a student in Nigeria, all you need for interacting with other consumers is tact and diplomacy. You can specialise in only one type of event and then establish a client coordination office.

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