Vegetarians Only Online Dating

Online Dating For Vegan Singles

There are many vegan dating services and apps, and they can be a quick and simple method to meet people who share your ethical values and way of life if you’re looking for vegan laughs, country walks, and perhaps a bit more.

Naturally, not all vegans desire to date, have a sexual relationship with, or wed another vegan. Spending time with those who do not share your values can sometimes be desirable. Being stretched emotionally and psychologically is a great way to develop. Furthermore, you might be able to save even more animals if you date a non-vegan and convert them.

A connection with someone just for the aim of altering them, however, is not a sound basis for long-term happiness. Numerous studies have shown that the likelihood of a long-term relationship is increased when you are with a partner who shares your fundamental beliefs. Depending on how strongly you feel about the subject, your veganism may or may not be a fundamental belief.

Whether you date a fellow vegan or not is unlikely to be a deal-breaker if you only consume a plant-based diet for health-related reasons. On the other hand, if you are a level five vegan who is completely committed to the ethical arguments for veganism and who avoids all animal products and derivatives, then it is evident that veganism is at the center of your core convictions.

Finally, here is a list of the best vegan dating websites and apps in case you’re looking for love with a vegan because you don’t want to cook two separate meals every night or because you feel sick when you kiss someone whose lips have recently touched animal meat.

Vegetarians Dating Apps

1. Grazer

A “herbivorous dating app” that “connects local vegetarians and vegans,” Grazer bills itself as such. It performs similarly to Tinder and the others and has a straightforward user interface.

The primary issue right now is the small user base, which makes it potentially challenging to find a match and really get a date. Grazer asserts that their purpose is to “connect and unite a new generation of like-minded vegetarians and vegans,” yet due to a lack of funding, they are currently unable to achieve this objective.

To increase their visibility and draw in more customers, they are currently exploring crowd funding options, although they may ultimately struggle, particularly with consumers who are looking for 100% vegan options (as opposed to vegetarians and dietary vegans). Although the number of vegans in the UK is rising, as we discussed in our piece on the number of vegans in the UK, the proportion of vegans to the general population is still very small.

There are many variables depending on what “degree” of veganism is being discussed, but we think 500,000–600,000 is a credible estimate if we’re talking about people who want to avoid all animal products.

It’s possible that the average vegan is less likely than the general public to use a dating app for a variety of reasons, albeit this may be stereotyping. A tiny pool of possible dates will unavoidably come from searching within that minority just for vegans looking for other vegans if vegans are more likely to look for love elsewhere and they are a minority to begin with.

However, Grazer isn’t entirely a waste of time. Finding a date and making new friends is definitely possible, especially if you live in a big city. As far as anyone can tell, everyone who uses the site is genuine and looking for a long-term partner rather than a quick hookup, according to reports. Additionally, it seems that if you find a match, going on a date is easy, with the decision to go out for a vegan lunch being the obvious next step. One name to pay attention to is Grazer.


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