2017 Npower Successful Applicants Backlog Payment

Npower backlog payment: While checking the various comments on the Npower official Facebook page, I came across a particular comment that caught my attention. The comment was actually a response by the Npower team to one of the 2017 Npower beneficiaries.

2017 Npower Successful Applicants Backlog Payment

Npower Beneficiary comment: According to the beneficiary, the heading of a post by the Npower team says “REMINDER!, which simply means that those concerned should be fast about what they were asked to do. In Npower’s reply to a comment on this post, he said deployment shall be in no time.

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By “no time” I hopefully believe it means on Monday, 28thMay,2018. Then everyone will receive backlogs between 29th-31st and start work on 1st June,2018. #so_happy_and_feeling_thankful…. May God bless Npower, Npower Team and we Npower Beneficiaries!!!

Npower team response: we are doing the needful to ensure your deployment commences. Also, kindly note that N-power will only pay for the period of active engagement at your PPA’s. Thank you.

What really caught my attention here was the ending part of the statement whuch simply says “kindly note that N-power will only pay for the period of active engagement at your PPA’s.”

In view of this, the question which I am so eager to ask is whether the Npower team will not pay the 2017 successful beneficiaries their backlog since they were physically verified from November 2017.

Mind you, the programme is for a period of two years and soon the country will face another election which invariably means that much attention won’t be paid to the concerned persons. Now if the Npower team insist that applicants will only be paid for the period of active engagement at their various PPAs, what then happens to the period which they were not engaged but were physically verified as successful applicants till date?

For me, I believe if the Npower team will pay the successful applicants their backlogs starting from November 2017 till date which was when they were actually screened physically it’ll go a long way in aiding the concerned persons achieves what they set out to embark on.

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