Best Dating Sites for Nerds and Book Enthusiasts

4 Best Dating Sites for Nerds and Book Enthusiasts

“We’re all nerds today,” the New York Times declared in 2014, observing that “never before has the barrier between geek culture and mainstream culture been so porous,” referring to our growing interest in traditionally geeky topics such as technology, superhero movies, and so on.

When it comes to appeal to other people, singles are typically drawn to those who self-identify as dorks. A analysis of 777,168 dating profiles and other data found that labeling yourself a “dork” gets 74% more inbound messages than the average profile, according to Zoosk.

Dating Tips for When You’re Feeling Socially Awkward

It’s crucial to understand that most people are apprehensive about dating. Early dates can feel like a job interview since dating takes you out of your comfort zone.

Claire AH, CEO of Friend of a Friend Matchmaking, advises, “Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable and don’t be too hard on yourself.” “Sometimes simply expressing that you are uncomfortable is the right thing to do; just don’t do it too often (no more than once or twice).”

If you’re having trouble overcoming these social obstacles, AH suggests hiring a dating coach. Don’t worry if that isn’t in your budget. Many renowned coaches offer free services, such as live streaming on Facebook and Instagram, free workshops via Zoom, or Twitter “ask me anything” threads. AH also suggests that you download Clubhouse, a free audio app where dating industry pros answer questions on a regular basis.

AH cautions, “Just steer away from pickup artists.” “That is not the way to meet someone for dating/a relationship (and treat them with respect in the process), and they frequently prey on those who are socially awkward.”

Let Your Geek Flag Fly

You should never be embarrassed to admit your geeky passions. Your greatest value is being yourself! They’ll eventually learn about who you are, and you’ll want to find someone who appreciates this vital aspect of your personality.

“I’d advise anyone with a lot of specific interests in any subculture (whether geeky or not) to include other elements of themselves and their lives as well,” AH says. “Talk about Star Wars and Star Trek, but also about how handy you are in the kitchen, your favorite hiking spot, or your most recent volunteer experience.” To put it another way, show them that you’re more than your nerdy hobbies. Give them a big hug.

4 Dating Apps for Dorks, Nerds, and Geeks to Use

1. Zoosk

While Zoosk isn’t a niche dating service for geeks, they do recognize variety among their users, as evidenced by the statistics we’ve been citing. Zoosk clearly enjoys their data, as evidenced by these figures. In reality, they use this data to continuously learn the actions of their user base using “behavioral matchmaking technology” in order to provide matches that improve over time.

2. Hater

Nerds are zealous about what they like and equally zealous about what they despise. Hater is perfect for nerdy singles because of this. Users swipe on Hater to express their feelings on a growing variety of issues, ranging from Donald Trump to cilantro.

The software then uses this information to discover the most compatible matches for you, which you can view and swipe through. Members can start a conversation with edgy icebreakers they’ve incorporated into the app (think: Cards Against Humanity) to avoid boring small talk once they’ve been paired.

3. Soul Geek

When its founder witnessed a cosplaying pair standing hand in hand in line at a Battlestar Galactica event, he had the idea for SoulGeek. Soul Geek was created as a result of his desire for the same.

It’s a “geek’s paradise,” according to the dating service, “bring[ing] imagination and the simple delight of fandom to the art of finding a spouse.” Although it may appear to be a stretch, the dating site is rather distinctive, with amusing features that encourage users to share their favorite items, such as music and online movies, with the community. Members can also build personal blogs and forums on the website, which they can remark on and interact with.

4. Grindr

Grindr is a no-brainer whether you’re a gay, bi, or trans man looking for someone special. With 4.5 million daily users, it’s the most popular social app for homosexual guys.

You may utilize a number of useful filters in the program to find a possible match. Selecting their “geek” option is a simple way to find your “tribe” – a method to identify within the community. Because the program is location-based, it will display all of the geeks in your immediate vicinity, allowing you to chat, trade images, voice messages, video messages, and so on until your heart’s delight!

Although the app is largely used by people wanting for sex, there are also plenty of people looking for dates and long-term relationships.

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