What Is Facebook Ad Formats – Types of Facebook Ad Formats | Facebook Ads Guide

What Is Facebook Ad Formats – Types of Facebook Ad Formats | Facebook Ads Guide: Do you want to create a facebook ad campaign but don’t know about the facebook ad formats that would suit your advertisements? 
If your answer is yes, here is a post that teaches everything you need to know about facebook ad formats and the types. 
What Is Facebook Ad Formats – Types of Facebook Ad Formats | Facebook Ads Guide
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Facebook ad formats is a visual enhancement to advertising ads that most prominently displays your business services or products, and also information like your website’s domain. Moreover, the main factor or purpose of Facebook ad formats is mainly to deliver general advertisements. 
As well as showcase your brands to people that are interested in your business. Mainly, the ad format allows you to tell your business story whether in videos, images or even words. As well as a combination of those elements to interact with audiences. 
Besides, it allows you too self-centered your business goal across various platforms. 
This platform includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network to look great on every device. 
Overview Types of the New Facebook Ad Formats 2019 
Meanwhile, there are different types of ad formats offered on the Facebook advertising platform across the family app and services. In fact, the ad format types come in various form depending on the selected ad objective. Most important is to select a marketing objective that works with your business goals. 
Image Ads 
Besides, Facebook and Instagram ads require an image ad. Therefore, adding a relevant image to your advertising platform creates a huge impact on the success of your ad. Image ads can be used on advertising objective link Brand Awareness, Engagement, Reach, and Store Traffic. 
Video Ads
Based on reaching out to more people, engaging your audiences, promote vides as well as driving conversion. Then the video ads will be a great option for such advertising objectives. 
Slideshow Ads
You can use the slideshow ads on all advertising objectives. However, it only used when advertisers select a single image or video ad format. The format designs with lots of images or videos with text, sound in other to capture the attention of audiences. Just like the one you normally see on Facebook and Instagram in smartphones. 
Carousel Ads
Also, the carousel format is just like the slideshow. But allows you to display up to ten images or videos in just a single ad. Besides, the carousel format is used in creating an advertising objective such as Brand, Awareness, Reach, Store Traffic, Traffic, and Conversions. 
Collection Ads: This allows linking of different types of ad formats like video, slideshow, or images alongside product image drive from the catalog. This enables people to connect with your ads by browsing through your products. Also to learn about more of your business services without leaving the Facebook app. 
Finally, the Instant Experience which is the last Facebook ad formats a mobile-only experience that displays process, and highlights your business or inspires mobile shopping on the iOS and Android devices. Moreover, Instant Experiences apply to all Facebook ad formats. 
How to Set up a Facebook Ad Formats for Advertisement 
Just as we earlier mention, all types of Facebook ad formats application or set up depends on your business advertising objective. 
Whether you want to create an advertising objective for brand awareness, reach or others you know. 
Your advertising objective plays a major impact on your ad format as well as the placement of your ads. 
Then continues your ad creation if you’re already creating ad if not you can create one. 
Next, you can go straight to the Ad and under the section click Format 
Then you can select the type of ads format you want to use and then upload the required details. 
However, you can make use of the Facebook ads guide to see the recommended design for your ad formats. 
There, you will know what quality videos or size of images that best create an impressive ad form to interact with audiences.
That is it on What Is Facebook Ad Formats – Types of Facebook Ad Formats | Facebook Ads Guide.
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