Facebook Marketplace (Buy and Sell) Trading Platform

Facebook Marketplace (Buy and Sell) Trading Platform: Facebook market buy and sell get you what you need to keep your day going without having to stress yourself on getting the right idea of making a little penny while using the website business policies. 
Using the Facebook mobile app on your Android or iOS devices. 
Facebook Marketplace (Buy and Sell) Trading Platform
You must have since a shape like structure in of a building with a blue roof on its head. And you don’t know what the icon represents. 

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If you are looking for what to do on Facebook maybe you decide to sell one of your PC and you are accessing the Facebook page. I am sorry you are on the wrong track. The icon you see at the top of it’s an android device. 
Or you see it below on your iOS devices that icon is the right place for experiencing the benefit of using the social media platform to either buy or sell.
The icon is called the Facebook marketplace which performs functions like posting items, buying and selling items to other Facebook users using your location to keep track of buyers to find your product. 
Over last week Facebook got a boost on its subscriber reaching over one billion. Being the world’s largest communication system on the internet. I see it fit for using social media to buy and sell. Because it performs like a marketplace. 
Given you, the opportunity to get your storeroom placed on the platform is a huge benefit as an entrepreneur. Or you want to trash your old items. Instead of that get ti sold on Facebook and find buyers to patronize your business.
If you intend on going ahead with the idea I show you to sell and even buy products form users. Note that the Facebook market buy and sell is on features on any window devices. To get and install the Facebook mobile app click on your play store and install the app.

Facebook Market Buy and Sell – Tip on How to Buy Items as a Buyer
As a buyer who wants to buy items form Facebook needs to be careful cornering the transaction process. One thing you should note is the Facebook doesn’t get involved in any transaction. It only creates a platform that links you to the seller. As a buy the guide to follow are

1. Firstly you need an account if you don’t have one and also download the app.
2. The profile of the seller is located on the top. So go through the prole if the person is a real buyer.
3. Send messages before the meetup point.
4. After the whole process of buying the seller, you intend to meet you. Choose a safe location that is convenient for you.
5. Check out the item before deciding on paying.
After this following consideration go to the marketplace mention above. Select the item on the location, prices and free features. Contact with the seller on messenger and select the meeting point simple.

Facebook Market Buy and Sell – How to have a Successful Trading as a Seller
Seller doesn’t have a problem because they are the main objective of the marketplace to be able to put items for sale. The above tip also complies with the sellers. 
The only thing a seller has can do is get the items ready when its time for the meeting. Take a shot of good photos, give reasonable prices, and finally about the items features.

1. On the icon click on sell something or what are you selling.
2. Post the picture by uploading them.
3. Provide the product name, add description and prices.
4. Give out your location and the category where the item will be placed.
5. Then click confirm.
Now you have given a better chance of using the services. Other users will locate your items on the page once that click the icon and also message you to give genuine details of the product. Facebook market buy and sell is an open marketplace get your product on it.
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