Facebook Messenger Update – All You Need to Know

Facebook Messenger Update – All You Need to Know: Have you heard of the Facebook Messenger Update? Yes, you must have heard of it but may have little clue to what it is. 
However, there are still people out there who know what it is but do not know how to go about it. 
Perhaps you have been in search of possible ways to update the messenger app in your device but have been unable to. 
Facebook Messenger Update – All You Need to Know
So, with this article today, I will provide every detail you need to know to pertain to the Facebook Messenger Update.

And for those, who do not know what the Messenger is, I will have to state out what the Facebook Messenger is before going into how to update it.

This is because, without having an understanding to what this app is, there is certainly no way you can know how to update it and why you should.

So before going deep to the topic of today, let us see what it means first!

What Is Facebook Messenger? – Facebook Messenger Update
The Facebook Messenger is referred to as an instant messaging app, owned and introduced by the most popular social media site, Facebook. But do you know that this instant messaging app can do more than just chatting and messaging?

Of course, it can! With this app, you can so much. You can engage in chats and messaging, send and share your photos and videos to your stories and your friends, engage in group chats, make voice calls and video calls with your friends and engage in so much.

This messenger app is brought to you by Facebook and so you can make use of the app with the Facebook account you already have.

However, this is not compulsory. You really do not need to have a Facebook to make use of this amazing app.

You could choose to make use of your Facebook account or not. But for you to get started, you need to have the app in your device.

How This Facebook Messenger Works – Facebook Messenger Update
Before you can get started on the Facebook Messenger Update, you must have the app and know how it works. So, like I earlier said, this app is used for the sending and receiving of instant messages, and so many other features I have listed above.

Now for you to get this app, you need to access your play store for IOS devices, Tablets and Android devices. And for computers or desktop users, you need to access this messaging service via the messenger site together with your existing Facebook account, as this app is not supported on computers and desktops.

Once you get the app on your compatible device, you can now enjoy the amazing built-in features contained in this app. So now you know what the Facebook Messenger is, how it works, and its uses. Let us get on to how to download the app, because without having the app, there is no way you can update the app.

How to Download Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger Update
Downloading this app has got no stress at all. all you have to do is get on with your compatible device and carefully follow the processes below.

And before you know it, you are done with it! Now here’s how to download the Facebook Messenger instant messaging chat app;

On IOS Devices and Tablets
Open your Apple app store. Once the store page is open, click on the search icon.
Once you click on it, you will find a search box, type in Messenger and search for it.
a list of apps will be shown to you on the next page, click on the Messenger app and hit the GET button.
Hit the INSTALL button.
Once the download process, open the app and log in to Messenger.
If you have a Facebook account, enter your phone number or email and password to log in.
If you do not have an account, then you have to Sign up to Messenger by clicking on Not on Facebook?
Enter your number or email and a code will be sent to you.
Verify your account with the code and add a photo of yourself.
Import your contact list to messenger, and any of your contact available on messenger will be available on your Messenger contact list.

Once you are done with that, you can get started!

On Android Devices
Open the Google Play store on your device.
At the top of the page, in the search box, type in Messenger and search.
Click on the Messenger app and click on the Install button.
Wait for the download process to finish and Open.
Log in Messenger with your Facebook account, enter your email or number and password and log in. And if you do not have a Facebook account, click on Not of Facebook?
Enter your number and provide the code sent to you, in order to verify your Messenger account.
Enter your name and import your contacts.
Now you can get started with your Messenger Application.

On Computers and Desktops
The Messenger app is not supported on computers and desktop, so you have to go through the site on www.messenger.com.
Once the page is open, you have to Continue to Messenger, with your Facebook account.
Click on Continue as “Your Name”
Enter your email or phone number.
Enter your password and click on Continue.
Now you can get started with the Messenger Application.
Get Started with Facebook Messenger Update

And now we are here! Now you know how the Messenger app works, and now you have gotten the app. Here’s how to update the Facebook messenger app in your device.

On Android Devices
On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app.
Once the store page is open, click on the three horizontal lines at the top left side of the page.
Click on My apps @ games.
On the next section, scroll through and click on the Messenger app.
Click on Update, and wait for the update process to be completed.
Once it is done, you can open the app.

On IOS And Tablet Devices
On your IOS or Tablet device, open your Apple app store.
Click on Updates.
On the next page, scroll through Available Updates to find the Messenger app.
Click on Update.
Once it is done, you can now open the app and continue.
Why Facebook Messenger Update?

Now, are you wondering why you need the Facebook Messenger Update? Now here’s why you need it. As time goes on, the Facebook platform do introduce new versions and amazing features.

So, for you to get hold of these new features and versions, you need to get on with the Facebook Messenger Update.

That is it on Facebook Messenger Update – All You Need to Know.

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