Facebook Store – What Is It All about?

What Is a Facebook Store? – Facebook shop: Before I write on anything let me ask what is a Facebook store? 
Do you know? 
If you do not know I will be surprised. At the same time, I won’t be surprised. 

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But you can’t tell me that you haven’t come across ads on Facebook telling you to buy stuff on the platform.
Facebook Store - What Is It All about?
The reason I said I won’t be surprised is this. Well, this is not the first time facebook is coming up with a feature like this. 
Facebook has previously come up with platforms and features like the facebook buy and sell groups and also the facebook marketplace.
These features work in similar fashion as the facebook store. I said I will be surprised in other hand because this particular feature has gained a lot of popularity over the years since its inception. I can say to some extents that this feature is better than the facebook marketplace.
Like one this feature has no restrictions. It is open to all facebook users unlike the facebook marketplace that is only available to selected regions. But with the facebook store it is totally different. The feature is open and accessible to all facebook users. All you need to do is to own a facebook account.
Now, to answer the question, what is a facebook store? This is a facebook feature. And like the facebook marketplace and the facebook buy and sell groups you can easily buy and sell products and items to other facebook users. 
Unlike other online store platforms this one is easy to create and use. all you need is a facebook page. This is because this feature is integrated with the facebook page feature. You therefore need a facebook page.

The store platform on facebook has lots of benefits mostly for retailers. Below are some benefits of using this feature;

– It is free to set up
– Facebook does not charge for in store sales on the platform.
– Your goods get massive exposure both locally and globally.
– Your products get to appear on the facebook marketplace if they are eligible.
– You can also host you’re your products for shopping on instagram via the facebook shop.
These are just some of the benefits of using this store. You will only get the main benefits when you engage with the feaure.

How to Create/ set up Facebook Store
To set up a Facebook store follow the steps below;

– Select the add shop section on your facebook page.
– On the next page you will have to follow the on screen options and instructions to add a facebook store your facebook page.
When you are done with everything click on the finish tab.
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