How do you Unblock a Friend on Facebook – Facebook Unblocking

How do You Unblock a Friend on Facebook – Facebook Unblocking: Are you looking for a guide on how to remove someone from your facebook friends list? 
If your answer is yes, here is a facebook post that teaches the comprehensive guide for unblocking someone on facebook. 
In fact, this post will show with precision the process involved in how do I unblock a friend on facebook.
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How do you Unblock a Friend on Facebook - Facebook Unblocking
“Unblock Facebook” If you are a facebook veteran, you will notice that over time, there have been several blocked account on the giant social media platform. When your friends, colleagues or family member seems to have done something that is not wrong to you. 
This makes you block them just to stay clear from them or maybe keep your privacy. 
However, you may decide later to unblock the person. Unblock Facebook is one of the Facebook features created to help users unblock their blocked friends. 
Using the unblock Facebook features you can unblock people who have been blocked previously and get connected with them once more.

Unblock Facebook
When you unblock someone, that person will be able to see all your posts, chat with you, share pictures and videos with you on Facebook. However, if you go so far to block someone, it is unlikely that you would still want to consider them a friend. When you unblock them, you are not friends on Facebook anymore. 
So at this time, you will have to resend friend requests. To use unblock Facebook is very easy there are steps to take all you need is follow the instructions carefully.

Why you Need Unblock Facebook
Unblock Facebook was created by Facebook to enable people to get back in touch with their friends after been blocked or blocking someone. You need these features because you may have a blocked friend on Facebook, and realized there is important information you can get from him. Unblocking your friend would give you the chance to get that information from your friends. 
Sometimes we all make mistakes, by unknowingly blocking someone with this we can go back to unblock the friend using this Facebook unblock feature. If you really want to know how this work doesn’t worry I will help to give out the tips on how to manage the unblock Facebook.

How to Unblock Facebook – Facebook Unblock
Here we have arrived at where I will be explaining to you all on how to use the Facebook unblock feature. Like I said before unblock Facebook is to help you unblock your blocked friends on Facebook. Therefore to unblock a friend on Facebook follows the steps below:

> Login to your Facebook account.
> Click on the arrow facing down on the top right sight of your homepage.
> Select settings on the drop-down menu.
> Go to the left side of Facebook and select Blocking.
> There you will see the list of all the people you have blocked, then select the ones you wish to unblock.
> Click unblock that is next to the name of the person you want to unblock.
> Tap on the confirm icon to finish unblocking the person.
That is it with how to unblock someone on facebook. I believe the guide was helpful.
It is important to bear in mind that when you unblock someone, you will not become friends immediately; you will have to send a request to the unblocked person first.
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