how to change language on facebook

how to change language on facebook: Facebook has been developed in a way that it redirects to automatically to users’ language whenever it is accessed based on one’s location, that’s the extent of Facebook’s amazing efficiency as a social networking platform and to its development team.
With this feature, you do not need to restrict yourself to a particular language simply because that is the language you get by default as you have the power to alter your language. 

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Still wondering how you will get this done, Read on as we do justice to just that in this article.
how to change language on facebook

How Can I Change My Language In Facebook Change language in Facebook 
Listed below are the steps to change your Language on Facebook

> Launch Facebook and once its landing page loads before you sign in shows, scroll down to the footer of the page, in footer, choose your language of choice, the default language is English.
Note: (you can only access the languages option in the footer before you log in, after you’ve logged in, you can’t access the options in the footer of the web page, this is because it dynamically loads other views asynchronously using AJAX while we scroll).
> After selecting the Language, a language pop-up list will be shown to you from which you can choose your preferred one.
> After selecting your language, your Facebook account will be altered to reveal the new language as all Facebook’s own texts will be displayed in your picked language.
If you are already signed into your Facebook account, you don’t need to log out of your account. To change your language, simply follow these steps:
> Click on the three horizontal lines to the right of the page.
> Scroll down through the list of drop-down options to the bottom of the page and click on the language (English (UK) as seen in the picture below).
After this, you will be able to alter your language from the page that loads. That is the simple step to alter your Facebook language option
That is it on how to change language on facebook.
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