How to Enrol in NIMC for Children (Minors) | Enrolling minors

How to Enrol in National Identity Management Commission, NIMC for children (Minors): This is the enrolment of every Nigerian and Legal Resident who meets NIMC’s criteria from the age of 0 to 15 years. Walk into the nearest NIMC Enrolment Centre with any of the following required Original and Valid supporting documents: 
Mandatory requirements for minors (Enrolment of Children) 
– Parent/Guardian’s National Identification Number (NIN) Slip ( father, mother or guardian’s NIN ) MUST be provided. 
– Supporting documents and evidence of proof as the Guardian to the minor (if Guardian’s NIN is used). 
– Registered Birth Certificate/ Statutory Age Declaration. 
– All minors MUST be accompanied by at least one of the parents or a Guardian. 
How to Enrol in NIMC for Children (Minors)

Supporting Documents 
– Birth certificate 
– Declaration of age 
– School ID Card private/Public 
– NHIS ID card 
– Nigerian passport 
– Attestation letter from a prominent ruler in the community 
– Attestation letter from religious/traditional leader 

Process for capturing minors (0 to 15 years): 
– Applicant walks into the enrolment Centre with Their parent/guardian and the required supporting document. 
– Applicant will be verified to ascertain if he/she has enrolled before through the verification portal. 
– Applicant will be issued an enrolment form to fill if he/she has not enrolled before. OR the printed Barcode slip will be collected if the applicant had pre-enrolled earlier using the pre-enrolment services. 
– Applicant forms will be vetted by a NIMC Official to crosscheck the information filled on the form against the supporting document provided and to check for errors/mistake filled on the form. 

Note: Parents/Guardians who cannot read nor write should come along with another person who can do the form filling on their behalf. 
– Applicant’s pre-filled information will be inputted on the NIMC Software by a NIMC enrolment officer or the Barcode slip be scanned by the NIMC enrolment officer to populate all the required fields. 
– The enrolment officer will ask the applicant’s parents to double check their ward information using the applicant’s monitor to check for errors. 
– If the Parent/Guardian is satisfied with the demographics information inputted, the biometrics of the applicant will be captured subsequently. 
– After completing the enrolment registration, a Transaction Slip will be issued to the applicant as an evidence of the transaction. 
However, the – Transaction slip does not confer the right to National Identification Number. The applicant will be requested to come back for the NIN within 2-5 working days, as it is subject to the speed of the network. 
– A National Identification Number Slip is issued to the applicant after processing. 
– The National e-ID Card will not be issued to this categories of applicant until they become 16 years of age and above. 
– A text message will automatically be sent to the Applicant, Parent or guardian to come for update when they become 16years of age. 
Availability: Monday – Friday (8a.m. to 4p.m.) 
– Availability of the NIMS Backend. 
– Availability of Network for data transmission. 
– Availability of power for the enrolment system.

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