How To Find Your Recent Friend Requests

How To Find Your Recent Friend Requests: As we all know, Facebook is a global social media platform when it comes to communicating and connecting with people no wonder why people send friend requests to one another.
There is almost no limit as to the king of things one could do with Facebook, as it is loaded with tons of amazing features and possibilities. 
How To Find Your Recent Friend Requests
As a social media network, the goal of Facebook is to serve as a platform where people can connect with one another to share ideas, pictures, videos and lots of other things.
One of the ways to easily connect with people via Facebook is by sending or receiving friends request from people you may or may not have known in real life.
Accepting friends request is easy because Facebook notifies you whenever a new friend’s request comes in, but it gets complicated when you have several friends request and the notification tab reads, Someone and 5 others sent you friends request, to easily check out this list you can just click on the “Gong-like” notification tray in the upper right corner of the page. 
In today’s article, we will reveal to you another amazing way to check out your recent friend requests.
How to Check out Recent Friend Requests
To check out your Recent Friends’ request List on Facebook, follow these steps:
Login to your Facebook account
From your account profile, locate the icon similar to the image of a person and click on it.
The page that loads gives you access to pending friend request list.
You can choose to either accept or reject the friend’s request
Note: on this same page we also have the friends’ suggestion list where you can choose to add suggested Facebook users.
That is it on How To Find Your Recent Friend Requests.
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