how to translate posts on facebook

How to Translate on Facebook

Your clients as a company could be dispersed all over the globe. It’s possible that a fan or client of your company will leave a comment on your page in a language other than your own. To make it easier for you to read comments in other languages, Facebook has integrated a translation service provided by Bing. You can use the functionality without installing any programs or plug-ins, and it is available post-by-post. Bing offers you a strong tool for communicating with your global audience because it supports many different languages.

Follow the Below Easy Steps

  • Enter your Facebook login information.
  • Open your company profile or page. Additionally, your News Feed can be translated.
  • To translate a post, select “Translate” from the list of links underneath it. Only when the post is written in a language other than the one you use on Facebook does the link display.
  • View the translated text by scrolling down past the content of the original post.

How to Delete Posts and Images From Your Own Facebook Page

Your Timeline displays content that you submit to Facebook, but many of the images and postings there come directly from other users. The article may even show up on your Timeline before you get a chance to look at it when a friend tags you in a post or photo. You might find in these articles posts that are unrelated to you or that don’t even mention you or embarrassing pictures that you would never publish yourself. The posts may or may not be completely able to be deleted from Facebook, but you can quickly delete them from your personal page.

  1. Open your Timeline after logging into Facebook.
  2. You can delete a post or image by scrolling to it and clicking and holding your cursor over it.
  3. To access a drop-down menu, click the pencil icon on the right side of the post.
  4. To delete the article or image from your page, click “Hide From Timeline.”
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