Loft Card Activation

Loft Card Activation Process and Reviews

Here are the Ann Taylor Mastercard Activation instructions and reviews for 2022. Comenity Bank is the company that issues the Ann Taylor MasterCard and store card. The store card can be applied for both in-person and online, however only the MasterCard can be applied for online. Both cards offer a variety of advantages, such as exclusive invitations to events, special discounts, and a lot of other advantages. The sections below have more information on the Ann Taylor Store Card and Credit Card.

Consider applying for the Ann Taylor Debit Card if you enjoy shopping at LOFT stores, Ann Taylor Stores, or Ann Taylor Factory Stores. Comenity Bank is the provider of this card. Given that neither card carries interest, having a credit card from LOFT just so you may use it to shop at these stores is the only justification. You won’t have any trouble purchasing your outfit and other necessities for daily life based on the quantity of money in your account if you have a credit card from LOFT.

The well-known retail credit card from Ann Taylor gives you access to their in-store discount, which can help you save money. Only participating Lou & Gray, LOFT, Ann Taylor, and Ann Taylor Factory locations accept the Ann Taylor Store Card. The Ann Taylor MasterCard, on the other hand, is a credit card that can be used anywhere but in the issuer’s retail locations.

How do I get my Loft Credit Card activated?

Congratulations on getting the Ann Taylor Credit Card authorized. One of the greatest credit cards for purchases at Ann Taylor is this one. There are several ways to activate your new Ann Taylor Credit Card.

Calling the Ann Taylor committed activation phone number at 1-866-730-7902 (Store Card) or 1-888-292-5707 is the initial way to activate a credit card (Mastercard). Enrolling at the Ann Taylor Credit Center is the second way to activate an Ann Taylor credit card. Even better, you may register your new card online to activate it.

  1. Click here to Activate Ann Taylor’s credit card.
  2. Activate your card now so you can begin using it. Start by filling in the information below for the primary card member. The details you have to provide include the following:
  • Credit Card Account Number
  • Expiration Date (in mm/yy)
  • Identification Type (Social Security Number, Social Insurance number, Alternate identification)
  • Last 4 Numbers of Social Security
  • ZIP Code / Postal Code
  • Then finally click the ‘Continue’ button.

Loft MasterCard rates and fees- Reviews of 2022:

Let’s quickly review some of the incredible features of the Ann Taylor Credit Card before we continue.

  1. Ann Taylor MasterCard is a credit card with no annual fee (annual fee = $0).
  2. This credit card has a cash advance APR of 26.99 percent.
  3. Credit scores ranging from 640 to 850 are recommended.
  4. The customer buying APR is approximately 26.49 percent.
  5. You will benefit from a balance transfer APR of 26.99%.

Use of the Ann Taylor MasterCard Credit Card Has Benefits

The advantages you will experience or receive as a cardholder or user of this credit card are covered in this section of the article. You only need to read the rest of the essay to discover more about this fascinating portion.

  • Get to earn when you spend. You will be capable of earning one point for every dollar spent anywhere MasterCard cards are acknowledged.
  • Another benefit of the credit card is free standard shipping on online orders of $75 or more. This is incredible.
  • You will also earn points when you use your card at grocery stores and gas stations. For every $1 spent, you will receive two points.
  • You will receive 5 points for every $1 spent at Ann Taylor or its sister companies (both in-store and online)
  • Every other first Tuesday of the month, you will receive an additional 15% off your purchase at Ann Taylor (online and in-store) or LOFT (online and in-store)
  • Another fantastic benefit of using your Ann Taylor Credit Card is that you will receive 15% off your first purchase. To receive this reward, you must immediately open and use your Ann Taylor store card at Ann Taylor or one of its sister companies.
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