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5 Best Websites To Download Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movies 2022

Over the past ten years, the Nigerian film industry, popularly referred to as Nollywood, has experienced enormous growth. For this reason, I’ll provide the top resources for free, high-quality downloads of Nigerian Nollywood movies in 2022. In addition, you may utilize some of these sites to download foreign films as well, providing a range of flicks.

I’m a huge lover of Nigerian cinema, or Nollywood. Since some websites may charge you to watch Nigerian movies in 2022, I thought it would be helpful to mention the ones I use to get the newest Nollywood movies for free.

In addition to Nollywood and Ghana, some of the websites I’ll provide can be used in part to obtain movies from other African nations (tho not prominent). The majority of these websites provide free downloads of these movies, with the exception of the website that demands a subscription.

Nollywood is the third-highest revenue-producing industry in the world. Only Hollywood (USA) and Bollywood are ahead of Nollywood (India). The top websites for downloading Nigerian movies, both for free and for a fee, are listed below.

  1. Netnaija

Netnaija is one of the best resources for finding both trending overseas films and movies from Nigeria quickly. The best place to download free 9ja movies and other movies is this website.

Also available for download are comedy videos, football highlights, and Yoruba films. You can get audio songs, videos, and the most recent entertainment news from them as well.

2. Iroko TV

This must be the site where people most frequently download movies from Nigeria. Additionally, you may view thousands of Nollywood movies on your smartphone from any location by using the iRokoTV app. Additionally, you can view exceptional and up-to-date movie content by going to the IROKO TV website.

3. NollyLand

It is among the greatest movie platforms in Africa with a great user experience. Downloadable or streaming versions of Nollywood movies are available. You can download movies from Ghana, Nigeria, and other African nations from the website.

One of the best websites in Nigeria for downloading and watching Nollywood movies is NollyLand. It is a dependable platform for streaming and downloading both recent and older Nigerian films.

4. RealNolly TV

From the website, you may download free Nigerian movies. This is one of the areas where downloading Nigerian movies is most convenient. Although access to anything requires registration initially.

You may now watch all of the recent and older Nigerian movies made by the Nollywood industry after registering.

5. Youtube

The most recent and vintage 9ja films are accessible on the popular streaming platform Youtube in pristine HD versions. Whether they are in Yoruba or English, there are several YouTube channels that post free and uncut Nigerian Nollywood movies.

On YouTube, Yoruba movies can be found, watched, and downloaded for free. The only drawback of YouTube is the occasional adverts that show up while watching movies.


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