10 Reasons Why Facebook Dating is the Best Thing That’s Happened to Love

Is it just us, or do people’s dating habits these days seem a little antiquated? Don’t get us wrong, we love a healthy dose of Netflix and chill every now and then, but there’s also something refreshing about returning to the tried and true.

Case in point: the old-school courting methods of yore. The kind that doesn’t involve filling your feed with people you don’t know and never will.

Because let’s be real, those methods are pretty tired. The good news is, you don’t have to hit the books on outdated love languages anytime soon, because there’s now a more modern option: Facebook dating.

When it comes to online dating, it can be a bit of a minefield. While there are plenty of sites, apps and services out there to help you find your perfect match, they can often be hard to navigate, come with their fair share of awkwardness, and leave you feeling more confused than when you started. On the other hand, Facebook dating is actually a pretty genius concept.

It’s a virtual one-stop shop for dating, basically. All you have to do is link up with people you’re interested in, and the rest takes care of itself. No awkward first messages or weird blind dates needed.

Sounds like your kind of love! With an endless array of people to choose from, you’re bound to find someone who clicks. Here are 10 reasons why Facebook dating is the best thing that’s happened to love.

1. It’s super-accessible

If you’re not interested in meeting people out in the wild, it’s not really an option for you. But if you want to date from the comfort of your own home—you can do it on Facebook. With your laptop or phone handy, this is the easiest way to conveniently meet other single people in your area.

2. It’s continuous matchmaking

While the idea of swiping right and left to find your match sounds fun, it can also be a bit exhausting. You never know what you’re going to get when you swipe, or how soon they’ll message you back. It’s like a game of Russian roulette every time.

Fortunately, Facebook dating is a much more consistent process. When you match with somebody on Facebook dating, it’s because they’ve already liked your profile and want to chat with you in person.

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They haven’t just seen your picture for the first time and given it a yes or no – they’ve already found something about you that interests them enough to want to keep in touch.

3. It eliminates weird first date scenarios

The unsung heroes of Facebook-style dating are the photos. When you match with someone, you see a photo of them and get a brief bio. Without any awkward messages to decipher, it’s easier to weed out people who might not be a good fit (for whatever reason).

You can also do some research ahead of time before ever agreeing to meet up. The conversation can be spontaneous once there is an interest.

4. It’s a great way to meet up-and-coming singles

Facebook dating is a great way to meet up-and-coming singles. If you’re tired of the same old faces and would like the opportunity to meet some new people, Facebook dating is a great way to do it. You can connect with people in your area who are looking for love, no matter what your preferences or what stage of life you’re at.

5. It’s free to join

If you’re not willing to shell out for an online dating service, Facebook dating is a pretty good option. There’s no need to pay for anything, and it doesn’t make you feel like scum for trying to find love. And we all know how expensive some of these sites can be!

6. It’s super-safe

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to your dating life. You never know who might be lurking on the other end of that one-night stand, which is why we’re so relieved Facebook offers a convenient and safe way to find love.

Not only does Facebook keep your identity hidden, but it also lets you delete any account you’re not interested in at any time. You don’t have to worry about people finding out personal details about yourself or having embarrassing personal info fall into the wrong hands–after all, there’s no need for you to enter your phone number or email address on the site.

7. You Can Be selective and meet great people

With traditional dating methods, you’re often at the mercy of what’s available. You don’t always get to choose who you’re meeting and that can lead to a lot of frustrating experiences. Facebook dating is more like online shopping in this way. You get to be selective with who you want to date and you’ll only meet people that really catch your eye.

8. The Matching Algorithm Is a Win for Everyone

Facebook’s matching algorithm is a win-win for everyone. Let’s say you’re a single guy and you’re looking to meet up with someone. You log onto Facebook and find a potential match. With the matching algorithm, Facebook will then present your profiles to each other and let you know if there are any connections or mutual friends.

This can be handy for people who have limited profiles (like maybe they’re new in town). It also gives people the chance to explore other options without committing to one person right away.

9. It’s a great way to get to know someone before meeting in person

If you’re really looking for a meaningful connection, Facebook dating is a great way to get to know someone before ever having to meet them in person. When it comes to online dating, people are often more guarded and less likely to open up than they might be IRL (in real life).

With Facebook, you can see how someone interacts with other people, see who their friends are and what their interests are. You can get a sense of who someone is without ever having to leave your house. This is especially important if you have safety concerns about meeting someone in person right away.

10. It can spark the beginning of a long-term relationship

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain, but Facebook dating has made it easy. If you’re in a long-distance relationship and want to keep the flame alive, you can use Facebook dating as a way to stay connected with your significant other. You can video chat with them over the app or send texts through it.

It’s possible that you’ll find someone on Facebook who shares your interests and would be perfect for you in the future. When you know what they do, where they go, and how they like to spend their time, it becomes more likely that you’ll want to date them at some point in the future.

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