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How Can I Look Up Facebook Groups To Join – Facebook Search Engine | Facebook Friends: From your News Feed click Groups in the left menu. In the search bar at the top, enter some keywords for the group you’re looking for. Select the group then click + Join Group below the cover photo. Select whether you’d like to join as your profile or your Page and click Join Group.
Welcome to Belmadeng. In today’s post, we wish to teach you all the steps you need to follow to easily search and access as well as join facebook groups of your choice. 
So if you are among the numerous facebook users and in dire need of the processes for searching groups on facebook and also the steps involved in joining a particular facebook group, this article has gotten you covered. Continue reading below:
If you are a social media veteran, chances are that you will agree with me that just like every other social media platform, the most used social media site, Facebook’s sole aim is to keep friends and family connected. 
On top of all that, it also provides a medium for users to broaden the scope of people they interact with on the platform. 
Facebook achieves this by making provision for groups to be created within the site and allowing these groups to accommodate interested users.
Joining groups increase the possibility of making new friends. It may even be easier to make friends. This notion is assumed because most groups are created to ensemble Facebook users who admire a particular thing, person or to promote a particular cause. Such groups are titled in a fashion that makes their purpose obvious. For instance, a Facebook group created for users who love Art could be named “Art Aficianados”.
The point being of course, that people who have the same inclinations tend to make a connection easily and get to form a bond.
How to Join Facebook Groups
1)Joining through Facebook Friends
Every Facebook user most certainly has at least a friend or two who belong to a group. If this is the case (chances are extremely high that’s the case), all you need to do is type in “Facebook groups joined by friends” on the Facebook search bar and click enter. This will display a list of groups joined by your friends. All you need to do is take a pick and click on the group of your choice to join.
2) Joining through Facebook Groups App
The majority of Facebook users who own and use the Facebook mobile app have no idea a Facebook Groups app exists. Well, now you know. All that’s required is to download the app from Google Play Store(Android) or Apple Store(iOS), open it, tap on “Discover” to find and join groups you wish to.
3) Joining through Facebook Recommendations
Facebook uses information provided by users at their time of signing up to suggest groups they might like to join. It is likely one of the groups suggested will well suit your needs.
4) Joining through a Group Search
Irrespective of whether a Facebook user is accessing their account through the Facebook website or mobile app, they can search and join any group of their choosing, as far as they know the name of the group.
This method requires following a procedure which is broken down into steps below:
  • On the Facebook search bar, enter the name of the group.
  • Click the group menu from the search result.
  • Click the Join button beside the group’s name.
That is it on How Can I Look Up Facebook Groups To Join – Facebook Search Engine | Facebook Friends. 
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