How Can I Upload Private Photos/Pictures On Facebook

How Can I Upload Private Photos/Pictures On Facebook: Do you want to upload private pictures on facebook but don’t know how to go about that? If your answer is yes or something related to that, here is a tutorial on how to add private pictures on facebook fast and easily.,1)/GettyImages-1126502147-ba439830bd324ecaac17826d957e32bc.jpg
Facebook is the largest social media platform that helps users to connect with friends and loved ones wherever they are.
Interestingly, the online social media platform helps you share photos with friends, but you can also use it as an online storage service — uploading and saving all of your pictures first, and then deciding if, when and with whom you want to share them. 
Aside from sharing with specific groups or people, Facebook offers an option to make photos only viewable to you. You can set this option on newly uploaded photos or photos you’ve had on Facebook for any period of time.
Step 1
Log in to Facebook and click “Photos” in the left-hand column under the Favorites heading to open a page displaying your photos.
Step 2
Click the “+Add Photos” button at the top of the page to open a new photo upload window.
Step 3
Click the privacy drop-down menu to the left of “Post Photos” and select “Only Me” to ensure that the photos won’t be viewable by anyone except you.
Step 4
Click the “Add Photos” button to open a photo selection dialog box.
Step 5
Locate the photos you wish to upload, hold “Ctrl” and click each photo. Release “Ctrl” after you have selected all of your photos and click “Save.”
Click “Post Photos.” The photos post to your Facebook page after the files finish uploading.
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