What’s the Difference Between TikTok and Instagram Influencers?

Insta-famous models, beauty vloggers, and other Instagram influencers have been a hot ticket for brands looking to market products online for some time now. According to a report by New York marketing firm MediaKix, the influencer industry is projected to reach $2 billion in revenue this year with an compounded annual growth rate of nearly 20%.

And while the thirst for authentic and relatable influencers on social media has never been stronger, new platforms are emerging that are challenging the way we think about “influencers” on visual platforms like Instagram.

Once thought of as primarily just a video app, TikTok recently updated its algorithm so that photos are also prominently featured.

But it’s not quite like Instagram in that users can’t upload videos or images taken with another camera outside of the app itself. Instead, almost all content posted on TikTok is created exclusively within their own app by users themselves – leading many to label it an influencer app vs a social media platform.

So how do these two apps differ from one another? Here’s what you need to know before working with them:

What is TikTok?

TikTok, or simply “Tik”, is a popular social media app available on both Android and iOS. This video-sharing app allows users to create 15-second clips that can include pre-recorded video, music, and photos. TikTok can be used to create a wide range of content such as music videos, lip sync, mini-skits, product reviews, and even travel and adventure vlogs.

Unlike other social media apps where users post photos and videos that are then viewed by their followers on a “feed”, TikTok posts are mostly “viewed” by other users – meaning that your content is being created by the app’s users, not you.

TikTok’s “viewed” system means that once a user posts something, it sits at the top of the app for 24 hours for all users to see – meaning that content is not temporally-categorized, making it more of a “live” social network than a “timeline” one.

Tik’s popularity grew immensely in October 2018, when it was updated to include a new feature called “Musical.ly”, which allows users to create short music videos with pre-recorded soundtracks, lip-syncing, and dancing clips.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps and, like TikTok, is available on both Android and iOS. Instagram is best known as a photo-sharing app, but you can now also share short videos up to one minute in length.

Instagram is a good platform for visual-heavy brands, as it is generally used more for visual content than written. Images are prioritized in feeds, so they will show up first, followed by videos. Like TikTok, posts on Instagram are also “viewed” by users, but unlike Tik, Instagram content is only viewed for its 24-hour lifespan.

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Once the time limit is up, the post disappears from the app completely. In other words, Instagram is more of a “timeline” app rather than a “live” one. This means that photos and videos on Instagram are saved in “collections” or albums on your profile and can be looked at and shared again at any time – unlike TikTok’s content, which is only for one-time viewing.

How are TikTok and Instagram Influencers Different?

Instagram Influencers Vs. TikTok Influencers – Instagram influencers work traditionally like a model or a blogger that your brand works with to create brand-approved posts on their feed to promote your product or service.

Instagram influencers are often paid per post, while TikTok influencers are more often “freebies” that are compensated with free product or gift cards. TikTok Influencers – TikTok influencers are anyone who uses TikTok to create branded content. TikTok influencers can be your neighbor who posts lip-syncing videos, or it can be a teen who has 10 million followers and posts daily content on Tik.

The key difference is that Instagram influencers are hired to post content about your brand, while TikTok influencers are creating original content using your product as part of their creative process.

TikTok Influencer Rates and Prices

TikTok Influencers – You can find TikTok influencers in the “creators” or “broadcasters” categories of the app. Although TikTok does not currently have an official “influencer network” system like Instagram does, you can find recommended TikTok influencers in the app’s Discover section, in which publishers and other creators are often featured.

TikTok influencers range in experience level and number of followers, so you will want to write a detailed brief to specificly outline what you would like the influencer to create for your brand. TikTok influencers are often compensated with gift cards, product, or swag bags.

TikTok Influencer Rates and Prices – The rates and prices of TikTok influencers will vary greatly, depending on the level of experience the creator has, their follower count, and what they are comfortable accepting as payment.

Instagram Influencers Vs. TikTok Influencers

Instagram Influencers – are brand ambassadors that you hire on a contractual basis to create images or videos of your product, wearing your apparel, or reviewing and promoting your brand.

You will want to make sure to clearly outline the creative brief for your product and how it should be photographed or filmed in order to avoid any copyright infringement issues that could put your company liable for damages.

Instagram influencers are often paid per post or per product that is gifted to them. TikTok Influencers – are the creators who are using your product to create content for their TikTok account.

You will want to clearly detail the creative brief or statement you would like the creator to use your product in order to avoid any copyright issues that could put you liable for damages. TikTok influencers are often paid with gift cards or swag bags.

TikTok Influencer Rates and Prices

TikTok Influencers – Like Instagram influencers, the rates and prices of TikTok influencers will vary widely, depending on how experienced the creator is and how many followers they have. You will want to write a brief and outline what you would like the creator to create for your brand.

Digital Marketing Agencies

If you’re looking to partner with an influencer agency, you’ll want to make sure they have experience working with social media influencers on all major platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

You’ll also want to look for agencies that have experience working with different types of brands, not just fashion and beauty brands, as many agencies have mostly worked with fashion brands up until this point.

You can search for agencies that work with TikTok and Instagram influencers on websites like Upwork or SocialPop, or you can also search on Google. Make sure to check out reviews and references of agencies that you are thinking of working with, and check if they have a transparent pricing structure.

Beauty and fashion bloggers

Blogs are a dying platform, so their numbers on TikTok are growing. While Instagram and TikTok have emerged as the new rising stars for blogging, blogging itself is a dying platform. TikTok’s focus on visuals makes it the perfect place for fashion and beauty bloggers to build a following and to be discovered.

TikTok’s strong focus on visuals means that even a low-quality video can be highly engaging and discoverable. The key is to create content that is visually appealing and easily consumable so that it can be easily shared by viewers.

TikTok is the perfect platform for fashion and beauty bloggers because TikTok’s format allows for a wide variety of content. TikTok users can share everything from outfit posts to makeup tutorials, short podcasts, musical.ly videos, and more.

TikTok also doesn’t have strict content rules. Unlike other platforms like Instagram, TikTok doesn’t have strict content rules to ensure that everyone is following the same guidelines. This makes TikTok a great place for fashion and beauty bloggers because they can publish whatever type of content they want.

This gives bloggers the freedom to create the type of content they want to share. TikTok’s wide acceptance of different types of content makes it easy for bloggers to find their niche and grow their following.

What is better Instagram or TikTok?

It’s impossible to say that one platform is better than the other as they both offer different experiences and have different audiences and purposes. There are, however, a few key differences between the two that you should consider when deciding on where to post your photos and videos.

  • Ease of use – While Instagram has always been a very user-friendly platform, TikTok’s addition of video features has made it even easier to use and opened it up to a wider audience.
  • Target audience – Instagram’s audience is generally older and skews female, whereas TikTok’s users are, on average, younger and more male. This can affect the type of content you post on each platform as well as the audience you’re marketing to.

Is it easier to go viral on TikTok or Instagram?

As mentioned above, each platform has different types of users, which means the content that goes viral on each is also slightly different. TikTok videos often feature user-created challenges and memes that can travel quickly and easily across social media platforms.

Instagram, on the other hand, has more of a focus on photography, which is generally a slower-moving industry, meaning it’s easier to go viral there.

Is TikTok more successful than Instagram?

While TikTok has seen a surge in users in recent months as a result of Instagram updating its algorithm, TikTok is not as widely used as Instagram. In fact, Instagram has a significantly larger audience and is expected to bring in $6 billion in ad revenue in 2019.

That being said, TikTok’s user base is growing much faster than Instagram’s, making it a great platform for brands to explore.

Is TikTok an influencer?

Because TikTok is an app where users are creating content on an almost daily basis, many marketers are starting to consider it an influencer app for social media. However, TikTok is not currently a site where you can pay influencers to create posts for you. TikTok is a platform where people create content for their followers and fans.

How many TikTok followers do you need to be an influencer?

This is a common question that we’re seeing more and more as TikTok grows. The truth is, there is no number of followers that you need to be an influencer. The only requirement is that you create high-quality content that your followers love to engage with.

How many followers do u need to be an influencer?

Similarly to the above, you can’t say how many followers you need to be an influencer, but you can be an influencer with any number of followers. You could have 1 follower or 1 million followers, but the only thing that matters is that your followers engage with your content and think it is valuable enough for them to share with their friends and family.

How much money does 1k Instagram followers make?

As we’ve mentioned, Instagram is not a platform where brands can pay influencers to create posts for them as of now. To make money through Instagram, you’ll have to have followers engaging with your content regularly and then earn money through ads. If a company wants to advertise on your Instagram feed, they’ll need to pay Instagram so that your feed will include their ads.

How many views on TikTok do you need to make money?

TikTok is currently a free app and does not currently allow brands to pay influencers to create posts for them. This means that if you want to make money through TikTok, you’ll have to build your followers and engage with your content regularly so you can earn from ads.

Does TikTok pay monthly?

TikTok does not pay monthly, but if you’re making money through ads, you’ll receive your payment monthly. Having a presence on TikTok doesn’t just give you a new community to engage with, it also opens up a whole new source of revenue.

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