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How to Create Your First Amazon Seller Account

All the planning, market research, and ordering for your new products have been completed by you. You even have a sophisticated business plan. You’ve determined that starting a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) company is the best course of action, therefore you’re probably asking how to sell on Amazon at this point. To start selling your own products, you must first set up your store.

Setting up your Amazon Seller account could seem a little scary, especially if this is your first venture into online shopping. Fortunately, it’s very easy, and as long as you have everything in order, you’ll be selling in no time.

Although it’s crucial to take the time to get your business ready for customers, once your account is set up, you can upload your inventory and start operating right away!

To ensure the setup process runs as easily as possible, there are a few things you need to have finished in advance before entering into the step-by-step process of setting up your Amazon Seller account and your Seller Central space:

  • The most time-consuming aspects of starting your FBA business are deciding what you’re going to sell and how you’re going to get your goods. Before you take the time to set up your account so you can start selling right away, be sure you’ve completed these procedures. If you haven’t already, be sure to investigate the products that will enable you to succeed as an Amazon seller.
  • Before you register your account, you should probably decide on the name of your store in addition to the product you will be selling. Are you intending to use your own name, or have you already chosen a name for your company or brand?
  • The most crucial thing to determine is whether you’ll be opening the account as an individual or a corporation (commonly known as an LLC) (sole proprietor). Depending on their circumstances, Amazon offers FBA sellers two distinct account options, but you’ll also need to make this choice in advance for tax reasons since you’ll need to fill out tax papers when setting up your account. (Taxes, hurrah!)

What to do if i Cannot Access my Amazon Marketplace Login

In addition to no longer being able to email the Seller Performance Team, Amazon sellers can no longer call Amazon for assistance with their accounts. Every message must go through Seller Central.

Due to this, it is now essentially impossible for sellers who are unable to access their Amazon seller account to contact Amazon and request a resolution. And anybody can experience it. Regrettably, accounts are hacked or access is prohibited due to other security concerns, like a change of residence or bank account.

It is regrettable that a firm like Amazon, which derives more than 50% of its revenue from third-party sellers, does not show sufficient concern for its sellers by providing them with a suitable means of getting in touch with seller support outside of Seller Central.

However, concentrating on the problem and whining about it will not assist the impacted vendors. Action, however, will!

In this blog article, we’ll discuss three typical problems that frequently result in access denials and what to do about them.

Merchant Is Not Licensed

What can an Amazon seller do in these circumstances if they are unable to access their account at all or receive an error notice that reads, “Not Authorized – You do not have access to the merchant XXX. Please select a different vendor or market?

This problem typically occurs:

  • after updating important details about your account, such as your bank account information.
  • when difficulties with associated accounts or account verification arise. One issue that sellers with connected accounts frequently run into is the need to reactivate all connected accounts in order to address their issue, yet they may no longer have access to some of them.

Never received a one-time password

The two-step verification process used by Amazon is crucial to maintaining the security of your account.

But what happens if you never receive your one-time password despite the system requesting for it?

What happens, for example, if the owner of the mobile phone used for the two-step verification dies and none of the other owners are able to access the seller account?

Once again, vendors are unable to connect with Amazon in this circumstance. They attempt to call Amazon customer service and talk on the phone for hours in vain. “This is an improper channel,” is the reply to their emails.

Hacked Amazon Account

However, there are other situations that are even trickier. Hackers can modify the bank account details on Amazon seller accounts, reroute sales revenue to their own accounts, and break into seller accounts.

Amazon frequently suspends the account rather than assisting sellers with this issue, leaving the seller not only without access to the account but also with a suspension issue that could result in permanent deactivation.

To gain access to your seller account, hire a professional

Dealing with Amazon may be extremely time-consuming and irritating. You always communicate with a different person at Seller Performance, and they will (at most) give you a few minutes of their time.

If you run into a total brick wall and are unable to contact Seller Support, it helps to have someone with experience who can phrase the problem in the right way and through the proper channel.

How do you contact management on Amazon is a typical query from sellers looking for a solution to being ignored by Amazon or not being able to reach them.

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