Online Dating Apps For Ugly

Not Too Ugly for Online Dating

Do you think your lack of beauty prevents you from dating online? It’s not just you who has this feeling. Many of the men who schedule appointments with me say they are too ugly to utilize dating apps. Find some common ground between you and them. You’re all entirely mistaken. By the time I’m done with a customer, the majority of their concerns have passed. They start messaging me with excitement at finding matches after a long period within a week, and a week later they write me a testimonial. Still not convinced?

I’ve never had a client get in touch with me following our last session to express dissatisfaction with the results or to leave a bad review. Is it real that I’m a unicorn princess with magical powers who can solve issues with the wave of her wand and a flip of her hair? Of course I am, but I also offer helpful suggestions. In actuality, 99 percent of people have success with dating apps if they know how to use them. With a little work, you’ll arrive there quickly (and some excellent coaching).

Surprisingly, you have to be absolutely honest with yourself for virtually the entire duration of that attempt. As someone who deals professionally with dissatisfied daters, I can say that your problem is probably one of the following:

The major one comes first! IRRATIONAL EXPECTATIONS

Being completely honest, a balding 40-year-old man probably won’t get along with a trim college student, but he might get along with a 40-year-old yoga instructor. If you weigh 50 pounds too much, you won’t be able to match with a Sports Illustrated model, but you can match with a lovely woman. Will she become overweight? Maybe, but you’re a guy too, right?

What are you thinking if you’re a white man in a small Vermont town who is only interested in Japanese women? Limit your hopes and expectations! You can locate a woman who will satisfy your needs and fuck you like the filthy, filthy rock star that you are. I don’t judge you for being attracted to attractive women… Everyone looks twice when they spot a hottie. I’m merely (gently) suggesting that you refrain from placing all of your eggs in her obscenely hot basket.

Your pictures are not appealing.

It’s crucial to remember that I said your photos are ugly, not that you are. Don’t overreact; just work on your photos. If you need inspiration, look at the previous blogs about photos here and here.

A poor bio.

She won’t be interested in a corny joke, your life story, a list of needs for your ideal woman, douchey bragging, or a bitchfest about how much you detest online dating. If you need some help, read at my earlier blog post about bios right here.

You are a rural resident.

I realize how terrible this one is. Since I was raised in a small town, I am aware of how challenging it may be to get employment. A moderately large town should be your new zip code. If you’re in Kansas, don’t pretend to be from New York City; however, if you’re honest about where you live and willing to do the majority of the traveling, you’re free to use the zip code of a nearby town.

The next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself because you’re too unattractive to find love online, do yourself a favor and stop. Make any required modifications to your profile after carefully reviewing it to make sure you’re presenting yourself in the best possible light. You nearly certainly won’t be too unattractive to find love, sex, or companionship on dating apps.

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