Dating Colombian Women

5 Most Important Facts About Dating Colombian Women

I’ve spent over two months in Medellin, Colombia, and it’s been another eye-opening experience.

Nowhere else in the world is it as good as it is here (when it comes to women, prices and several other things).

Motivated by the goal of our exceptional adventure club for exceptional males, I tour the world in quest of the sweet and lowdown on the local dating scene (its name is a secret). This has led me to destinations such as Malaga (Spain), Bucharest (Romania), Nairobi (Kenya), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Austin (USA), and most recently Medellin, Colombia’s capital city of perpetual spring.

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge over the past few months. I’ll discuss the six most fascinating ones with you.

1. Compared to ladies from other countries, Colombian women are noticeably more gorgeous.

They are enthralled by how they present themselves and by the fact that this is the place where breast and butt implants are most popular worldwide. I recently spent a month in Austin, Texas, which is my favorite American city, and I met 1 (!) woman who I fell in love with. In Medellin, whenever I take a stroll, I frequently come across a hot (and pretty) woman.

2. The women of Colombia are lovely and sweet.

They’re not just gorgeous, they’re lovely in the way they carry themselves, interact with you, and present themselves. The best word to describe it is grace. They are usually kind and polite, and they don’t exhibit the same attitude of entitlement as many Western women (behaving as though they deserve romantic success and it is the man’s duty to supply it).

3. If you have the bravery to do it, approaching women throughout the day is easy and fun.

Although I no longer frequent nightclubs, I did notice that most women were dressed in “pareja” when I did (couple). However, all of those attractive females are out and about during the day, strolling the streets, grabbing lunch, or going to the mall (they LOVE their malls here). No woman will ever ignore you if you start a conversation with her, as I previously said. She will pause and grin when you begin speaking.

4. Money is really crucial keeping your Colombian woman.

In any dating relationship, money is a problem, but this one is a little different. For instance, it goes without saying that you, the man, are in charge of everything during dates. Included in this is the mode of transportation she’ll take to meet you. I met several ladies through internet dating and got the full range of straight women, so it’s hard to know how important your money is to the woman in front of you.

5. Hugging is just as common as intercourse to Colombian women.

Sex normally occurs when you like a lady. She won’t keep you waiting long. She won’t be hesitant in any way. Simply said, having sex is a fun way for individuals to meet and get to know one another. It is rather lighthearted and carries little weight in many other parts of the world. The most this trip to Colombia has affected me is this.


Disclaimer: This is just my view based on conversations I’ve had with locals (both men and women) and expatriates who have been here for a long time, as well as dating and being intimate with more than 10 women.

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