How to Remove Tag From Facebook

How to Remove Tag From Facebook Photo or Post

Facebook is a well-known social networking site where users can post images, videos, and status updates for sharing with other Facebook users. One can tag other Facebook users when posting a photo or photos. Now, there are a few easy actions you need to take if you’re a Facebook user and want to remove tags from many images at once on Facebook.

Steps to remove tags from multiple photos at once on Facebook

Follow these steps if you want to remove tags from multiple photos at once on Facebook.

1: First of all, from your News Feed, you have to click your name in the top left to go to your Facebook profile.

2: You need to click Activity Log in the bottom right of your cover photo.

3: Now, you have to click Photos and Videos in the left column.

4: Here, you need to click to check the box to the left of the photos you’d like to remove a tag from.

5: Then, you have to click Report/Remove Tag.

6: At last, you need to click to select your preferred option and then, click Untag Photos to confirm.

You can delete tags from many Facebook photos at once by using the instructions below.

Please remember that when you remove a tag, the post or photo will no longer display the tag, but the audience you shared the post or photo with will still be able to see it. The post or image might be visible to users in locations like News Feed or search results.

You can also request that the individual who posted the message or image take it down on Facebook.

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