Is Online Dating Haram in Islam

Is It Permissible to Date Online in Islam?

The relationship is not inherently unlawful. Knowing someone and getting to know them better through internet conversation is not illegal. Fornication and adultery are forbidden in Islam, thus if your relationship calls for adultery, don’t do it or think anything else that would be considered shameful. And keep in mind that simply knowing someone or being friends with them does not constitute a relationship, despite the fact that we may refer to it as a boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé. Additionally, there is no harm in maintaining chastity and protecting each other’s private parts while still being friends; it is required of you both to gaze (in unlawful ways).

How Are Muslim Dating Apps Fairing

Muslim dating app Muzmatch’s slogan, “Muslims don’t date—they marry,” is among the most audacious in the online dating industry.

The statement encompasses the opinions of Musim academics’ interpretation of Islamic law about dating: unless it is done properly, it is haram—forbidden by Islamic law.

With the COVID-19 pandemic’s onslaught in March of last year, Muzmatch had a large uptick in usage, with a 45% spike in user downloads worldwide during the week of March 15 to March 22 2020. One could argue that the app has given young Muslims a more halal—or acceptable—way to meet people for love relationships online rather than in person.

Will young Muslims still meet online as cities begin to open up as COVID infection rates decline and populations acquire their vaccinations?

Many Muslims raise this question, yet the solution is not at all evident. It turns out that the new dating technology has both benefits and drawbacks. Although some claim that these apps are more halal because they restrict physical touch, others claim that there are still ways to transgress when using the app.

However, the majority concur that the apps are undoubtedly practical. The purpose of users ultimately determines how lawful they are.

Long Island native Fahmida Rashid defines herself as “sort of eccentric, weird person.” She feels that in person, her personality and special sense of humor are more apparent than they are online. But because of the pandemic, she was compelled to restrict her social engagements, so she gambled on using dating apps like Muzmatch in the hopes of finding love.

But these days, she and many other people favor returning to traditional, in-person dating.

Some Muslims Still Prefer Person to Person Dating

Furthermore, a lot of Muslims think that meeting someone in person is the greatest method to get to know them because it is the only way to actually get to know them.

According to McFadden, “I believe that the applications have a way of disguising who individuals truly are, making it impossible to comprehend even basic things like how well your energies mix.” On an app, it’s simpler to conceal negative information about oneself than it is in person.

Currently, many Muslims intend to resume dating in person, but the applications’ ease has proven to be useful. Ameen thinks that despite the increase in in-person dating, online dating will continue to exist.

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