Most Important Reasons To Use Drupal VPS Hosting For Your Website

Drupal is an open-source content management system and one of the most popular platforms for websites, thanks to its extensive functionality. Since 2001 the same project went through many changes and was updated frequently with additional features.

Developers and advanced users appreciate its security and the scalability offered. In this post we’re going to discuss advantages of using Drupal VPS hosting and how this software can help you build a sustainable business!

1. Flexibility

Most modules for Drupal are available for free, covering everything from eCommerce to analytics. There are over 40,000 of them listed on the official page, which you can combine in a flexible way. This means you’re able to build whatever website suits your best.

You also have the possibility to create your own modules. You will filter searches by Drupal version and other attributes that will save your time, helping you to find what you need quickly. Premium integrations are also great for those who want a complex design, but involves more costs.

2. Website Security

While solutions like WordPress focus on being beginner-friendly, Drupal VPS packages are a better alternative for larger brands where stability is a main concern. Among the sites that run on the same platform you’ll find multiple universities and even governments.

The power of Drupal’s community gets bigger each day and it includes developers, professional designers and people who support each other with tutorials or troubleshooting advice.

The platform is used by millions of websites worldwide, so the cybersecurity is taken seriously and respects the latest standards. With so many eyes continuously reviewing code, it’ll be easier to deal with threats and get over negative events.

3. Multi-Language Support

After you buy a Drupal VPS package, you can choose from over 100 installation languages. You have control over what users see when they arrive on particular pages and it’s up to you which content you’re going to show. Besides all of this, each member of your team will work in their preferred dashboard as well.

This way they’ll feel comfortable with the job and their productivity will increase. Add one or more languages to your site, then define which one is used by default. Particular elements of the interface might be customized, based on your preferences.

4. Search engine optimization

As you already know, SEO improves your website ranking in Google results. Drupal doesn’t have a great arhitecture for that, but you can optimize the platform to get more organic traffic. Each URL must include a specific keyword that describes what your content is about and how it is relevant.

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Drupal has a highly effective taxonomy and you have the chance to use tags to divide sections. Make sure you create an XML sitemap and use meta descriptions that enhance visibility.

Some modules will help tracking general behavior of interactions and provide great insights for growing your audience. You will have a website that can be edited even by people with visual or mobility disabilities.

That’s because Drupal 9 has introduced accessibility features that grants non-visual and non-mouse users more control. Google pays attention to such details and will reward you in the long term.

Why Should You Buy Drupal VPS Hosting?

If you decide to use this platform on your website, you need to rent a Drupal VPS hosting that supports the same environment. That’s how you will get dedicated resources, along with a better level of compatibility. A virtual server comes with no limitation, since you can upgrade it at any time.

That’s better than buying a cheap shared hosting package and it’s a great solution for small to medium-sized businesses. You can choose a MT4/MT5 VPS that gives you access to high-end technologies and plenty of RAM memory for a good price. We provide technical support, so your plan will have everything you need to be successful.

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